Price: Summer Season (05 15 – 09 15) – 
from 250 €
Off – Season (09 16 – 05 14) – 
fom 120 €


The apartment is located in Juodkrantė. It offers everything you need for a perfect stay: charming nature; seaside and sand dune view; comfortable rooms; modern facilities; high ceilings and a huge space; a free Wi-Fi and a great number of TV channels. Separated areas are suitable for spending an evening with your friends, your partner and your thoughts. Contains two bedrooms and a comfy bathroom.  You will definitely find the way back to this place. The beach is just 100 steps from here on a wooden walkway. 

A moderate though cosy bedroom with a double bed. A spacious and comfortable bed is everything you need. And probably a cosy ambience created by correct lighting. And a spacious wardrobe which will theoretically hold all your belongings.

A double bedroom is suitable for children or associates. Those who are in need of separate beds. If necessary the twin beds can be pushed together. The room also has a spacious closed wardrobe to keep your things well organized. 

Forget jostling and elbowing one another: a roomy entryway will fit everyone. Find everything you need for a cosy and peaceful stay in a large entryway wardrobe.

A spacious bathroom contains a washing machine, a boiler and a bath to have a good soak and offers storage for different items and cosmetics. 

Too hot or too chilly? Turn the air conditioner on. All the areas are equipped with one to make your stay as pleasant as possible. The control is simple. Even for minors. Especially for minors. The alarm system will ensure the safety of your belongings and you.

For the convenience of our guests we offer an open concept kitchen and living room space not to exclude anyone. The kitchen contains everything you may need: a dishwasher, an oven, a microwave, a toaster, an electric kettle, a fridge, all the dishes and utensils. Round table seating and soft coaches invite everyone to have a comfortable rest. The area is spacious enough to even host a dance party. A large screen TV and a great number of smart TV programmes, inseparable attributes of modern way of relaxation, will not let you down on a rainy night. The sitting room extends into a terrace overlooking the unique landscape of Neringa. Let the fresh breeze in on one of those hot days. You will be tempted to frame the view of tidy sand dunes and the sea. You will gaze vaguely into its expanse and let your thoughts crystalize. We promise the terrace will become your favourite place to make dreams with someone close on a warm evening.

What we allow: over sleeping, over reading, over bath soaking, spending your time surfing the web and playing, inviting friends, cooking, tasting food and drinks, meditating, enjoying life.

What we do not allow: making noises after 10 p.m., littering outside, using furniture for improper purposes, wallpapering the rooms, graffiti drawing both inside and outside, abusing children and your partner.

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  • Entire apartment
  • 4 Guests
  • 1 Double 2 single beds
  • Free wifi