Price: Summer Season (05 15 – 09 15) – 
from 270 €
Off – Season (09 16 – 05 14) – 
from 140 €


The apartment in located in Juodkrantė.  Let your thoughts flow while chilling on a spacious terrace with a perfect view towards the Baltic Sea, the skies, the pinewoods, the sand dunes and the playground. If you suddenly feel a lack of ideas, enjoy the benefits of a smart TV with a large number of channels and a free Wi-Fi.

The apartment contains a spacious living room, a perfect place for meaningful talks with your loved ones; a convenient kitchen area, ideal for hosting gourmet dinner parties or family game nights; two bedrooms (one is a double); and comfortable bathroom.

A spacious living room is perfectly suited for cosy relaxation. A great number of TV channels will keep you up to date and will allow access to your favourite movies. Such a delight for parents of early rising children and TV lovers!

The living and kitchen area functions perfectly as an enjoyable family’s gathering space and is designed to fit even a larger company of friends. Armoured doors will keep your valuables and possessions safe, while you are enjoying the charming nature of Neringa. High ceilings will induce a feeling of fresh air. 

A moderate though cosy bedroom offers you a double bed. It is both comfortable and big, just as a matching wardrobe, perfect for storing your clothing suitable for all the seasons. 

A double bedroom is suitable for children or associates. The twin beds can be pushed together if necessary. The room contains a spacious wardrobe to hold all your belongings. 

A roomy entryway is decorated with a large mirror, perfect for that last look at you, your matching T-shirt and shorts, cute sunglasses and hair.

A comfortable, fresh and spacious bathroom offers storage for different items and cosmetics. Enjoy a long soak in the bath after swimming in the sea!

You are a coffee lover, aren’t you? Find a coffee machine in the kitchen area to make it your best friend. The kitchen also contains a microwave in case you need hot food immediately; an oven, a delight for those in love with cooking; a washing machine, a dishwasher, an electric kettle, a sandwich maker and a toaster- all the facilities you might need to make your time as comfortable as possible. The dishes and utensils are ready for you too. 

Too hot or too chilly? Turn the air conditioner on. All the areas are equipped with air conditioners to make your stay as pleasant as possible. The control is simple. Even for minors. Especially for minors. The alarm system will ensure the safety of your belongings and you.

The spacious terrace which opens out from the sitting room, is overlooking the refreshing Baltic Sea. It is just 100 steps on a sandy walkway. Comfy outdoor furniture invites you to waste away your hours and is a guarantee of a perfect romantic evening. The terrace will fit a small company too. On one of those hot days the terrace turns into the extension of the sitting room and the view is absolutely breath taking.

What we allow: over sleeping, over reading, over bath soaking, spending your time surfing the web and playing, inviting friends, cooking, tasting food and drinks, meditating, enjoying life.

What we do not allow: making noises after 10 p.m., littering outside, using furniture for improper purposes, wallpapering the rooms, graffiti drawing both inside and outside, abusing children and your partner.

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  • Sea side
  • All apartment
  • 4 guests
  • 2 Double 2 single beds
  • Free Wifi